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Candle Magick Color Correspondence and Symbolism
Red Candle: Courage, Lust, Sexual Love, Strength, Vigor, Passion, Energy.
Pink Candle: Honor, Love, Romantic love, Peace, Healing Emotions.
Orange Candle: Encouragement, Stimulation, Ambition, Success, Business goals.
Yellow Candle: Intelligence, Memory, Breaking Mental Blocks, Imagination.
Gold Candle: The God, Power of the Male, Safety.
Green Candle: Earth Mother, Fertility, Finance, Physical Healing, Luck.
Blue Candle: Health, Patience, Tranquility, Understanding, Wisdom, Inspiration.
Purple Candle: Third Eye, Spiritual Power, Ambition, Self-assurance.
Violet Candle: Healing, Peace, Spirituality.
Silver Candle: Intuition, Dreams, Clairvoyance, The Goddess, Female Power, Moon Power, Moon Magick.
Black Candle: Protection, Repelling, Binding, Banishing.
White Candle: Purity, Sincerity, Truth, Higher Self, Spirituality.
Brown Candle: Neutrality, Home, Healing Animals.

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